Managing massive wind integration in islands

Managing massive wind integration in islands

Presenter: Terji Nielsen
Title: Managing massive wind integration in islands
Affiliation: SEV


In the Faroe Islands, a non-interconnected grid with limited sources of inertia and where wind generation can represent more than 50% of the online generation in low load periods, the variable nature of wind naturally induces grid stability issues and leads to about 20% of wind curtailment. In order to overcome short term variations, lasting from seconds to minutes, the local utility SEV has deployed a 2,3 MW ESS installation at the site. The presentation describes the high ambitions in the Faroe Islands reaching a 100% renewable electricity generation in 2030, the available resources in the islands and the technical solution and results of combining a 2,3MW Li-ion ESS with a 12 MW wind farm. The battery system, operational since 2016, provides ramp rate control of the wind farm and frequency regulation to the island grid, enabling maximum use of the wind resource and displacement of otherwise necessary diesel generation.

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Terji Nielsen
Terji Nielsen is the head of the Research & Development Department at SEV. He is in charge of developing the company’s Strategic Investments in renewable energy and storage technologies, Strategic Technology RoadMap toward a 100% carbon free electricity production, Business Model Innovation and Energy Policy. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Electronics from Aarhus University School of Engineering, Denmark, and an MBA from BEUTH university in Berlin. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the company.