Towards the stabilisation of Ni-rich cathodes

Towards the stabilisation of Ni-rich cathodes

Presenter: Nils Peter Wagner
Co-authors: J. Tolchard, A. Tron, S. M. Hanetho, H  Pollen, P. I. Dahl
Title: Towards the stabilisation of Ni-rich cathodes
Affiliation: SINTEF


As the revolution towards electric mobility is in progress. Industries, scientists as well as customers seek rechargeable batteries with higher energy density. Today, the positive electrode limits the capacity of a Li-ion battery most and different types of high capacity cathodes are highly sought. The NMC system is one promising candidate where the energy density can be increased by increasing the Ni content. However, a high Ni content is detrimental to the capacity retention and the thermal stability.  At SINTEF we have explored different synthesis routes for producing single phase nicke rich oxides such as NMC 811 and more complex composites such as LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2  decorated LiNi0.84Mn0.08Co0.08O2 in core-shell design. Furthermore, we investigate the implementation of protective surface coatings to improve cycle-life and thermal stability of Ni rich layered oxides by lowering the reactivity of the material surface.

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Dr. Nils Peter Wagner
Dr. Nils Peter Wagner received his PhD degree in material science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2016. The focus of his PhD was silicate-based cathode materials for Li-ion batteries. Wagner has since 2017 worked as a research scientist at SINTEF. He is also an adjunct associated professor at NTNU.