Nordbatt 2021 2022


Save the date: Oct 26-28th 2022

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Nordic Battery Conference Oct 26-28, 2022

The conference takes place over three days with both oral presentations made by leaders in the field of battery research and industrial representatives along with poster sessions and breakout sessions in which more informal discussions concerning the latest research are facilitated.

NordBatt 2022 presents an opportunity to review the recent advances in battery science, from materials development to cell electrochemistry, and battery utilization for a range of different applications.

It will provide a local Nordic platform for leading scientists and industrial representatives to communicate novel ideas and new findings, and to inspire scientific breakthroughs and technological solutions for energy storage applications.

The conference is organized by Battery Research Group at  Chalmers University of Technology.

You are warmly welcome!

Nordic Battery Conference Oct 26-28, 2022

A chance to enjoy Gothenburg with fellow battery afficionados!

Battery Research at Chalmers

Battery Research at Chalmers

In our everyday research our very international and young group of ca. 12 people strive together to create novel materials for next generation batteries, especially electrolytes, and to fundamentally understand them. This we achieve by combining advanced simulations and extensive experimental characterisation including operando studies with the making of lab cells for proper studies of device functionality. Prof. Johansson has been active in battery research since the early 1990’s in Sweden, US and France.
While further development the omnipresent Li-ion batteries continues to pose many interesting and urgent scientific questions – and we still are active in this area – our focus has clearly shifted to next generation batteries – with a horizon of 2030+. Today we are actively researching several next generation battery concepts: sodium-ion, potassium-ion, lithium-sulfur, calcium, magnesium and aluminium, etc. In all our R&D activities we have a large amount of national and international collaboration, for example within the Battery Alliance Sweden (BASE), EU/H2020: FET-Open CARBAT, Graphene Flagship Core 3, Co-Fund DESTINY, and BIG-MAP/Battery 2030+, and not the least within Alistore-ERI (CNRS FR3104) – Europe’s largest industry-academia network within the field of modern battery research with Prof. Johansson as the current co-director.

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