Mobility on Li metal surfaces

Mobility on Li metal surfaces

Presenter: Sondre K. Schnell
Title: Mobility on Li metal surfaces
Affiliation: Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Lithium-ion based batteries completely dominating the market for secondary cell batteries. Both in consumer electronics and automotive industry, Li-based cells are dominating the market. Even with Li being such an important part of modern technology, the chemical- and material properties of Li is not well understood, and even very fundamental properties of the Li-metal, such as surface stability and mobility of adatoms on Li-metal surfaces has not been researched. In recent work, we have studied the mobility and stability of various Li-metal surfaces and compared these with similar structures for the Magnesium metal surfaces. Using density functional theory, we study the mobility, surface stability, and effect of crystal structure and surface facet for Li- and Mg-metal. The results indicate that low mobility on the surface of Li might be a contributing factor to significant dendrite growth.

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Dr. Sondre Kvalvåg Schnell
Dr. Schnell obtained a PhD from Delft University of Technology in 2013, followed by a two-year post-doc at UC Berkeley. He joined the faculty at Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Trondheim in 2016 as an associate professor. His research is focused on fundamentals of materials chemistry, using computer simulations to understand kinetic- and thermodynamic properties of materials.