Towards Automatic Disassembly of EV-Batteries.

Towards Automatic Disassembly of EV-Batteries.

Presenter: Martin Choux
Title: Towards Automatic Disassembly of EV-Batteries
Affiliation: University of Agder


Automatic disassembly of electric vehicle batteries is a necessary step for both the successful reuse and recycling processes when considering the big volumes of the upcoming battery wave. Battery pack must be dismantled into modules and possibly further into cells. In order to cope with the large variety of designs and conditions of end of life batteries, a flexible disassembling process based on cognitive robotics must be designed. Several key elements such as 3D vision systems, highly adaptive robotic tools and machine learning based algorithms must be integrated to ensure proper recognition of the constituting parts and joints, automatic decision making, path planning/correction, accurate joint disconnection operation and part removal. In this presentation, one example of such automatic disassembly operation will be demonstrated with the lid removal of a battery pack without a priori knowledge.

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Martin Choux
Martin Choux is an Associate Professor at University of Agder, Norway. He is the leader of the Drives Systems research group at UiA and has participated in several research projects with emphasis on design of electric powertrains and industrial robotics. His main research interests include modelling and design of mechatronic systems, optimisation and fault diagnosis.