Time- and spatially resolved in situ studies of batteries

Time- and spatially resolved in situ studies of batteries

Presenter: Prof. Poul Norby
Title: Time- and spatially resolved in situ studies of batteries
Affiliation: Technical University of Denmark


Detailed knowledge about structural and microstructural properties of electrode materials during battery operation can be obtained from in situ and operando X-ray and neutron diffraction, scattering and imaging experiments. The spatial distribution of phases during charge/discharge is often not homogeneous and inhomogeneity in the electrodes can have a substantial effect on the properties of the battery, e.g. influencing the rate capability, cycle life and energy capacity. We will develop time- and spatially resolved in situ and operando methods to investigate development of structural and microstructural properties and at the same time determine changes in phase distribution in battery electrodes and apply the methods to commercial and prototype batteries. As an example we have combined time- and spatially resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction to investigate the phase distribution to study a Zn-air battery during discharge/charge.

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Prof. Poul Norby
Poul Norby is Professor mso at DTU Energy, Technical University of Denmark where he works with battery materials and new battery technologies. One of his main research interests is development and application of methods for in situ and operando studies of batteries and other energy technology devices using synchrotron X-ray and neutron radiation. He has a background in Chemistry from the University of Aarhus and has before joining DTU in 2009 worked at the University of Odense, Brookhaven National Laboratory (US) and the University of Oslo, Norway.