Disordered transition metal oxide Li-ion electrode materials

Disordered transition metal oxide Li-ion electrode materials

Presenter: Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk
Title: Disordered transition metal oxide Li-ion electrode materials
Affiliation: University of Southern Denmark


Development of electrode materials for intercalation type batteries have in the past focused on highly crystalline materials. However, recent years have seen an increased interest for disordered materials, e.g. with the discovery of multiple high capacity electrodes based on disordered rock-salt structures or even completely amorphous materials exhibiting higher capacities than their crystalline counterparts. Still very little is known about the structural mechanisms behind order-disorder transitions induced by ion-intercalation or about ion-storage mechanisms in disordered materials. 

Using a combination of X-ray scattering, electron microscopy and electrochemical analysis, we have studied a series of high-capacity disordered and amorphous electrode materials such as TiO2, V2O5, MnOx. This allows us to map out the structural evolution during battery charge and discharge at the atomic- and nano-scale, and to understand the ion-storage mechanisms in such materials.

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Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk is an Associate Professor in Inorganic Materials Chemistry at University of Southern Denmark. Her research evolves around structural investigations of electrode materials for intercalation-type batteries. She especially focuses on operando characterization of electrochemically driven phase transitions in both crystalline and amorphous electrodes, but her work also involves synthesis and electrochemical characterization.