BATTERY 2030+ – A large-scale European battery research initiative

BATTERY 2030+ – A large-scale European battery research initiative

Presenter: Prof. Kristina Edström
Title: BATTERY 2030+ – A large-scale European battery research initiative
Affiliation: Technical University of Denmark


As a long-term research program, BATTERY 2030+ ( will complement the short-term industrial initiatives launched in the framework of the European Battery Alliance, as well as the short-to medium-term research and innovation program implementing the SET Plan roadmap. The vision is to invent the batteries of the future, providing European industry with disruptive technologies and a competitive edge across the full value chain. BATTERY 2030+ will pursue ultrahigh-performance, reliable, safe, sustainable and affordable batteries, by a cross-disciplinary, transformational research approach, leveraging advances in AI, robotics, and sensors. The groundbreaking science and technology developed by BATTERY 2030+ will have an invaluable impact on the transition towards a carbon-neutral and circular economy. The initiative will gather leading scientists in Europe, as well as the industry across the full value chain, to achieve a leap forward in battery science and technology 

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Prof. Kristina Edström
Kristina Edström is a professor of inorganic chemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden. She is director of the Ångström Advanced Battery Center (ÅABC) which is a centre comprising studies of Li-ion, Na-ion, and beyond lithium concepts. The centre contains 10 senior professors and associate professors, 20 post docs and 30 PhD students. Edström's professional research interest lies in the study of anode (graphite, silicon, tin, conversion materials, etc.) materials and electrolytes, with a special focus on SEI studies using photoelectron spectroscopy. Developing structural methods for studying new anode and cathode materials with operando X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques is another interest. A third interest is applied studies of battery life-time issues related to the automotive industry. Edström has more than 200 publications in international journals. She is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and of ALISTORE-ERI (a network of excellence within the field of battery studies in Europe). Recently she is heading the research initiative Battery 2030+ to establish a join European development of novel battery technologies.