Active Balancing of State of Health in Battery Systems

Active Balancing of State of Health in Battery Systems

Presenter: Gunnar Rohde
Active Balancing of State of Health in Battery Systems
Affiliation: Nerve Smart Systems


Unbalanced single cells in a battery system may severely affect its usable capacity, operational safety and expected lifetime. For this reason, battery management systems usually take care of a sufficient monitoring as well as balancing of the state of charge of individual cells within a battery system. Whether active or passive, the majority of cell balancing methods known today show a decisive disadvantage: they make the battery system either less efficient or more complex – which in both cases leads to significantly increased total cost of ownership.

In this talk, a novel approach to battery management systems is presented; in addition to the mere single cell monitoring, the so-called Nerve Switch® technology offers the possibility of a predictive control of individual battery cells. Such a single cell control enables an active and continuous balancing even of the state of health of the individual cells during operation of a battery system. Given the fact that an inhomogeneous state of health between single battery cells often is the cause for imbalances in their state of charge, the Nerve Switch® technology provides a more efficient and less complex method to prevent unbalanced battery cells.

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Gunnar Rohde
Dr. Gunnar Rohde (1981) is Lead Scientist at Nerve Smart Systems ApS and responsible for research and development of the Nerve Switch® technology. Gunnar is an educated mathematical physicist and his main research interest are smart cyber-physical energy systems. He has several years of experience within both academia and industry in the field of mathematical modelling and electrochemical energy technology.